GLAD Landsat ARD Tools V1.1

Landsat composite


The Landsat Analysis Ready Data (GLAD ARD) developed by the Global Land Analysis and Discovery (GLAD) provides spatially and temporally consistent inputs for land cover mapping and change detection. The GLAD ARD represent a 16-day time-series of tiled Landsat normalized surface reflectance from 1997 to present, updated annually, and designed for land cover monitoring at global to local scales. The GLAD ARD product is available online, with no charges for access and no restrictions on subsequent redistribution or use, as long as the proper citation is provided as specified by the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). See License and Disclaimer for additional information and citation. 
To facilitate the GLAD ARD application, we are providing a set of tools for data processing, supervised classification using machine learning, and statistical sample analysis. The GLAD Tools V1.1 is the latest version of the software that provide the following capabilities:
  • Landsat ARD data download and management.
  • Creating cloud-free annual image composites and multitemporal metrics.
  • Supervised land cover classification and change detection using advanced machine learning tools.
  • Map analysis, including modeling, focal analysis and precise area calculation.
  • Sample reference data collection and sample analysis to estimate map accuracy, unbiased area and area estimation uncertainty.
Together, the global GLAD ARD and GLAD Tools provide an end-to-end solution for national and regional users for no-cost Landsat-based natural resource assessment and monitoring.

GLAD Tools V1.1 Manual 

Suggested citation: Potapov, P., Hansen, M.C., Kommareddy, I., Kommareddy, A., Turubanova, S., Pickens, A., Adusei, B., Tyukavina A., and Ying, Q., 2020. Landsat analysis ready data for global land cover and land cover change mapping. Remote Sens. 2020, 12, 426; doi:10.3390/rs12030426

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