3.1. GLAD Tools Setup


QGIS is the recommended software for raster data visualization and collecting training data for supervised classification. OSGeo4W is required for a number of GLAD tools.

Recommended version: 2.18 [https://qgis.org/downloads/QGIS-OSGeo4W-2.18.28-2-Setup-x86_64.exe]

Recommended plugins: OpenLayers, Freehand Editing, Send2GE



PERL is the language used for data management codes.

ActivePerl (community edition): https://www.activestate.com/products/activeperl/


Notepad++ or similar code editor


Primary software package compiled by the GLAD team. Download the latest version from the GLAD Tools Depository. Download the latest complete set of GLAD Tools here https://glad.umd.edu/gladtools/Complete_package/GLAD_1.0_master.zip.


The package contains:

MinGW - C++ compiler, GNU C Library (Open source software; Copyright © Free Software Foundation)

gdal - GDAL Core (Open source software; Copyright © Frank Warmerdam and others)

tree.exe – CART model (Open source software; Copyright © B. D. Ripley and J. Ju)

Other utilities – GLAD ARD Tools (Freeware; Copyright © GLAD UMD)


Unpack GLAD_1.0_master.zip to C:\GLAD_1.0

Add to PATH variable (see how to: https://www.architectryan.com/2018/03/17/add-to-the-path-on-windows-10/)





Adding/Updating tools:

To install/update a specific tool, select the files from the GLAD Tools Depository and download them into the C:\GLAD_1.0 folder.