1. GLAD Landsat ARD Tools

Landsat composite


The Landsat Analysis Ready Data (ARD) developed by the Global Land Analysis and Discovery team (GLAD) provides spatially and temporally consistent inputs for land cover mapping and change detection. The ARD is available for the ice-free area of continents and large islands between 75N and 56S Latitude. The GLAD Landsat ARD data is available online, with no charges for access and no restrictions on subsequent redistribution or use, as long as the proper citation is provided as specified by the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). See License and Disclaimer for additional information and citation. To facilitate the ARD application, the GLAD team providing a set of tools for data processing and supervised classification using machine learning. For all questions and comment contact Peter Potapov (potapov@umd.edu).


Potapov, P., Hansen, M.C., Kommareddy, I., Kommareddy, A., Turubanova, S., Pickens, A., Adusei, B., Tyukavina A., and Ying, Q., 2020. Landsat analysis ready data for global land cover and land cover change mapping. Remote Sens. 2020, 12, 426; doi:10.3390/rs12030426 (Potapov_RS_2020.pdf)