• Matthew Hansen Matthew Hansen Co-Director GLAD

    Prof. Matthew Hansen is a remote sensing scientist with a research specialization in large area land cover and land use change mapping.

  • Peter Potapov Peter Potapov Co-Director GLAD

    My primary research interest is assessing and monitoring forest extent, structure, and composition on national to global extent using open satellite data archives.

  • Anil Kommareddy Anil Kommareddy IT Systems Analyst

    Has more than 15 years experience in software development and architect level hardware design and deployment. Has extensive experience in development of various scientific applications in GIS and Engineering.

  • Janet Nackoney Janet Nackoney Associate Research Professor

    Dr. Janet Nackoney research interests lie in the use of geospatial technology for land use planning, biological conservation applications, such as wildlife habitat modeling and monitoring, and food security.

  • Marc Steininger Marc Steininger Associate Research Professor

    Marc is a geographer who uses remote sensing to understand land-cover change and ecosystem processes, including tropical forest loss and regrowth, forest flammability and land-cover change implications for biodiversity.

  • Svetlana Turubanova Svetlana Turubanova Assistant Research Scientist

    Her research interests include boreal forest ecology, forest fire, and biodiversity.

  • Wenli Huang Wenli Huang Post-Doctoral Associate

    Wenli is a remote sensor with expertise in optical, lidar and radar remote sensing towards quantifying the forest carbon stocks, and monitoring the changes in land cover.

  • André Lima André Lima Post-Doctoral Associate

    In a comprehensive way, I am interested in researching the drivers of LULC in Amazon Basin as well as their relations of cause and effect in this process.

  • Xiao-Peng Song Xiao-Peng Song Post-Doctoral Associate

    Xiaopeng’s research focuses on characterizing land cover and land use change such as deforestation, cropland expansion and urbanization and investigating the causes and consequences of LCLUC using an interdisciplinary approach.

  • Alexandra (Sasha) Tyukavina Alexandra (Sasha) Tyukavina Post-Doctoral Associate, Past Graduate

    Alexandra’s research interests include satellite-based forest cover, disturbance history and intactness mapping, and methods of forest carbon loss quantification.

  • Panshi Wang Post-Doctoral Associate

    Panshi’s research interests focus on remote sensing techniques and global-scale applications of these techniques in land cover and land use change studies including land cover, 3D structure, and population changes associated with urbanization.

  • Alice L. Altstatt Alice L. Altstatt Principal Faculty Specialist

    Alice has been involved directly with CARPE since 2004, initially assembling and processing Landsat data and now managing the University of Maryland’s CARPE funded activities.

  • Allison Gost Breitenother Senior Faculty Specialist

    Faculty Research Assistant Allison Gost is a FRA managing the pre and post award activities of the Global Land Analysis and Discovery lab.

  • Indrani Kommareddy Indrani Kommareddy Senior Faculty Specialist

    Software engineer specializing in web development with extensive experience in implementing full software life cycle process including requirement analysis, design, prototyping, interface implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance.

  • Bernard Adusei Bernard Adusei Faculty Specialist

    Use multisource satellite remotely sensed imagery for land-use and land-cover characterization especially field crops (soybean, corn, and wheat) at national scale.

  • Eddy Bongwele Is'akaala Faculty Specialist

    Eddy Bongwele is remote sensing specialist with focus on integrating time-series multi-spectral Landsat and Lidar data for mapping forest structure (tree height and cover) and disturbances in Central Africa.

  • Andrés Hernández Serna Andrés Hernández Serna Faculty Specialist

    Andrés is interested in soundscape, deforestation, biodiversity, monitoring land cover and land use change (LCLUC), as well as the use of remote sensing applications to track and analyze landscape transformations and patterns.

  • Amy Hudson Pickens Amy Hudson Pickens Faculty Specialist

    Amy is interested in water dynamics over time and scripting to automate image processing. She is currently working on GLAD's global water analysis.

  • Sam Jantz Sam Jantz Faculty Specialist

    PhD student I am particularly interested in utilizing remotely sensed data and geo-spatial modeling to support conversation projects.

  • Patrick Lola Amani Patrick Lola Amani Faculty Specialist

    His work focuses on studying the human settlement characterization and population distribution, providing technical support to OSFAC on FACET methodology for forest cover monitoring.

  • Chima Okpa Chima Okpa Faculty Specialist

    Chima is a Faculty Specialist currently using remote sensing data and GIS for land cover characterization of the US in conjunction with FAO global land cover initiative.

  • Ahmad Khan Ahmad Khan Faculty Assistant

    Mr. Khan has working experience of more than 25 years as Conservation Biologist, Development practitioner, Wildlife Biologist, and Wetlands Conservationist.

  • Yolande Munzimi Yolande Munzimi Faculty Assistant

    Yolande is interested in large scale hydrological modeling of the Congo Basin using remote sensed data.

  • Jeff Pickering Jeff Pickering Faculty Assistant

    Jeff is primarily interested in the issues faced by climate change practically and philosophically and the use of geospatial and remote sensing technologies to inform better agriculture and forest management policies.

  •  Matt Cooper Matt Cooper Graduate Student

    Matt is interested in combining land cover and climate data with metrics from household surveys, especially nutrition.

  • Giuseppe Molinario Giuseppe Molinario Graduate Student

    Giuseppe is investigating how shifting cultivation in the Democratic Republic of Congo interacts with forest and impacts the environment.

  • Alison Thieme Alison Thieme Graduate Student

    Alison is interested in measuring land cover and land use change to evaluate the impact of international development on the landscape.

  • Qing Ying Qing Ying Graduate Student

    My research interests are land cover and land use change, remote sensing, urbanization, forestry and terrestrial carbon sequestration.

  • Viviana Zalles Viviana Zalles Graduate Student

    She is interested in using remote sensing to research large scale land cover change and its drivers, particularly in the context of tropical deforestation.

  • Marcos Adami Visiting Scientist

    Marcos' research interests involve sampling, agricultural statistics, remote sensing time series, land cover and land use change mapping.