As part of CARPE III several added-value research projects based on existing FACET and GFC maps and methodologies are funded by USAID. The rural complex footprint map and the forest fragmentation map for 2000, 2005 and 2010 are one of these projects, specifically aiming to map forest cover loss occurring in the DRC as part of it’s spatial and temporal context, where even small forest cover loss areas can have large impacts due to their forest fragmentation potential, and large fronts of forest loss are more accurately mapped as part of homogenous and pervasive frontal land cover change phenomena, as opposed to just observing their per-pixel loss. The modeled products were published in a paper in September 2015 and contextually made available as online interactive resources and downloadable datasets.

Interactive maps and downloads:

Reference Paper:  

Molinario, G., Hansen, M.C., Potapov P.V. (2015) Forest cover dynamics of shifting cultivation in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a remote sensing-based assessment for 2000–2010. Environmental Research Letters, 10, 094009.