South America strata map:

This file contains unsigned 8-bit values and has a spatial resolution of 1 arc-second per pixel, or approximately 30 meters per pixel at the equator. Strata class codes are as follows:

0 -- Outside of study area
1 -- Other land use
2 -- Stable land cover
3 -- Stable land cover, Amazon
4 -- Regrowth
5 -- Tree plantations
6 -- Cropland 2016-2018
7 -- Cropland 1985-1994
8 -- Water

Reference data

Sample interpretation data of each of the 1000 sample pixels used to estimate area of human impact across South America. For each sampled pixel, the following data were available to facilitate interpretation: 1) Time-series of 16-day NDVI, SWIR 1, and red reflectance; 2) annual Landsat composites in NIR/SWIR1/SWIR2 in RGB; 3) Bi-monthly composites in NIR/SWIR1/SWIR2 in RGB; and 4) kml of sampled pixel for Google Earth visualization.

Results of area estimations:

Area estimates and associated uncertainties for human impact classes (annually), land cover/use classes (annually and total change), and land cover/use transitions. All area estimates and standard errors are in Mha.  

Related Project: 

Commodity Crop Mapping and Monitoring in South America