Principal Investigator:
Jan Dempewolf

CO Investigators:
Inbal Becker-Reshef
Matthew Hansen
Janet Nackoney

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Time period:

Graduate Researchers:

Project Description:

This project aims to improve the basis for national food security forecasts and agricultural statistics applications by providing remote sensing tools and capacity building to the National Office of Food Security (NFSO) at the Tanzania Ministry of AGriculture (MoA). The project will customize the satellite-based agricultural monitoring system (GLAM) for local conditions to improve the information basis on agricultural conditions. We will investigate how agricultural information flows from the field through NFSO to the MOA and how it can be used by private businesses. Remote sensing of the Earth's surface via provides low-cost, reliable and frequent data collection useful for mapping the spatial extent of cropland area, detecting cropping system type and assessing crop condition. This project will develop and evaluate new remote-sensing based technologies from satellites and mini-unmanned aerial vehicles for agricultural monitoring at three study sites in Tanzania andone in Uganda.