Principal Investigator:
Peter Potapov

NASA (Michigan Technological University)

Time period:


Project Description:

The project will produce two LCLU change maps of Belarus, European Russia, and Lithuania for circa 1999-2000 and 2010-2011, respectively; utilize high resolution established cropland boundaries GIS data from in-country collaborators as training and validation data. Building off existing work of mapping forest change in Eastern Europe, this effort will expand to include more classes: established cropland, abandoned/managed grassland, shrubland and forest establishing on abandoned agriculture areas, established forests (separated by dominant tree species), peatlands/drained peatlands, and/or burn scar. Work with Collaborator Prischepov at IAMO to create synergies with previous land-cover/land-use change mapping of the region; share all data and findings with collaborators, including in-country meetings.