Patrick Lola Amani

Patrick Lola Amani

Senior Faculty Specialist


Patrick K. Lola Amani is a Faculty Specialist. His work focuses on studying the human settlement characterization and population distribution, providing technical support to OSFAC on FACET methodology for forest cover monitoring (as member of CARPE Team) and providing trainings on the FACET/GFC methodology to partners, especially in the Congo Basin region. He previously worked for 6 years (2006-2012) for the "Satellite Observatory of Central African Forests - OSFAC", a Congolese NGO, as GIS/RS Officer/Trainer and then as Head of Remote Sensing Laboratory where he conducted several trainings sessions throughout the Congo Basin region, participated in projects implementation and supervised students from universities. He has also been closely working with local Government Agencies such as DIAF and CNIAF in Central Africa and offered short-term GIS/RS expertise to AGRECO, WWF, WCS, and CAMI. Patrick has obtained his Master's degree in Geospatial Information Sciences at the University of Maryland at College Park (USA) in 2014 and his Bachelor’s degree in Agronomy in Water and Soil Resources Management at the University of Kinshasa (D.R. Congo) in 2006. 


Patrick K. Lola Amani (2014). Mapping the Distribution and Impacts of Human Settlements in the Democratic Republic of Congo. MPSGIS Final Project. University of Maryland College Park. Poster